"Quick agreement, fast production and especially professional video processing. In short this is a cooperation with Joker Films. They have created a few videos, and we have always been happy with the outcome of their work and perfect communication. "
David Šmída
Likos International
"We have the best experience with Michal and we definitely recommend his professionalism, creativity and reliability. We certainly plan to cooperate further, because we are very satisfied with the result."
Lukáš Kerhart
Co-founder of Prague Sport Games
"We have the best experience with Mr. Kašparovský. He was very well acquainted with the assignments, which he worked very quickly and creatively. Another benefit is a completely seamless communication and a professional approach. We will be glad to approach him again in the future."
Hanka Pokorná
HOBIT program manager, St. Anna Hospital, Brno
"In five years of our collaboration with Michal, we have been filming videos of various kinds: recruiting, training, image, reporting and product. Of course, he can get his work done quickly, well and at a good price, but mainly because of his approach to work and his creativity Joker Films just make better videos than the others - they can get something extra in each video. "
Jan Kebza
HR business partner production and shared services
"The picture is more than a thousand words, and the moving pictures are even better, and the ones from Joker Films are the best: Our collaboration has lasted for many years and during that time several dozen videos have been created. The common element is the professional approach of Joker films before, during and even after the filming."
Adam Pilmaier
Marketing specialist, TART
"Michal has created a great number of promotional videos for our website and I have to say that he does a great job, and not only that... unlike many other creators, he always deliveres the results in the required deadline. I can do nothing else but to recommend him. "
Jiří Zmidloch
Co-owner, Z-AGENCY
"Mr. Kasparovsky has created a series of educational and promotional videos for our company, both for internal and external purposes. Excellent agreement, original approach and ideas. I simply recommend him and look forward to further cooperation."
Jan Čentíš
Business development, Swiss Life Select ČR
"One of a kind agency, we were very satisfied with customer approach, expert advice and the level of execution! Best value for your money – tried & true!"
Silvester Behúň
Owner, Wilderoben