script - film - edit


Rekam Subtitle We enjoy what we do. We also believe that a positive approach is what makes the difference. And our clients think so as well.

Do you need a video to promote your new product? A cool music video or a recording of a corporate lecture? Drone video or simply to add foreign language subtitles? Wedding video? We deliver all of that.

We have broad experiences. We were working on TV programs, moto races, concerts, image videos and documentaries. We are a small studio however, we know where to get the top specialists - scriptwriters, animators, copywriters and so on.

We are not Hollywood. We don't make art but an honest craft. 



We meet you in person, discuss your idea and accordingly, propose a specific solution. The result is a script, a detailed filming plan, and a price calculation.


Before filming we set up the lights, sound, camera and makeup. We think of everything.


Raw filmed material is only a start. Editing, music, sound effects, graphics and animations are definitely a way how to upgrade the video to a totally new level.