Joker films is me - Michal - and this is my story:

It all started with my first camera CMEHA 8M at the elementary school.Throughout the years I have tried many other brands - Minolta, Samsung, Canon and recently Sony - from taking concert photography to landscapes and events. Although I still take photographs in my free time, professionally I am now fully devoted to filming. I started to shoot and edit videos at university and my diploma thesis was a video document Amber about a social residential centre in Devon, UK.

Afterwards, I went travelling to experience the world. Besides UK I've lived in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and travelled in many more countries including most of Central America. For a living I did anything to keep me going - I've worked as a waiter, carpenter, radio editor, painter, writer, prospector, colour grader, au-pair, landscaper, rental shop name it. Every job was a new experience and I've learned a lot about the world and myself as well.
After returning to the Czech Republic I worked as a TV director for motorcycle and car racing series (Nova Sport and Sport 5 TV) and a popular TV show AZ Kviz Junior. I still work for Czech TV as a cameraman (Gejzir program) and as a music copyright specialist. My professional background also includes lecturing Videomaking and postproduction course at European Summer School in Split and Prague.

Since 2013 I started to shoot videos on my own under the name Joker Films. Most of the time I work as a one-man show which gives me huge flexibility. When needed however, I hire other professionals like cameramen, drone pilots, script makers, directors, animators and others. I work with Sony cameras and lenses, Manfrotto and Konova (tripods and sliders), Zhyiun (gimbals), Aputure (lights) and Sennheiser and Zoom (audio).

Like everything else in my life, I do this with passion.