The price is always individually calculated based on a certain project. So don’t expect to receive the price straight away during an initial phone call. Every video needs a different approach, uses a different technology, a different number of people involved etc. However, our pricing is very competitive and we work with most of our clients on a long time basis because they are simply satisfied with our work.

The final price is made out of three parts: preparation, filming and editing. What is included in each one of them is written below in detail. Usually, we calculate the price based on the number of people and used equipment per day in each part of the production. So first we must find out what is your idea of the video, then we discuss the options and write down a contract with the final price including music, graphics, animations, language mutations and so on.

Preparation is essential for the final product. First, we meet up, listen to your ideas and come with a practical solution. Wedding video differs from a product video or a document about an Olympic winner. Based on an order we write down a contract.

Often, an oral agreement is sufficient to set up an execution date, size of the filming team and, of course, a budget. With a bigger project, however, we need a script. It is indispensable to determine an appropriate visual and audial form and storytelling. The script is being sent to the client for further notes. Sometimes it is necessary to go and check the filming site to eliminate inadequate conditions such as noise or insufficient lighting. 

“Picture’s up, roll sound, slates, action!” Actually, things don’t go that quickly in real life. Before we start filming we need to set up the camera equipment so don’t be surprised that we need to be on the spot even several hours ahead. Preparation can also include lighting the scene, installation of the microphones and setting up the audio levels, work of the make-up artist, moving/installing the furniture or simply waiting for clouds to move away. Nevertheless, we will always try to inform you ahead of the time schedule.

What we shoot goes straight to the editing room. First of all, the video needs to be synchronized with the sound, then we work out the B-roll (complementary shots) to eliminate unsuitable shots. Now we add background music which helps set up the rhythm and atmosphere. Then goes the edit which often includes different versions of the video based on use, language mutations or subtitles. Afterwards, we need to correct the colours, tonality, contrast and to colour grade it. Then we add texts if needed. If this is part of the deal we add animations. Finally, we correct the audio levels of commentary with music and add sound effects. Then we export the video according to the client’s needs.